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Episode 4 - The Pool Man Podcast - “I Want to be a Pool Man”

June 10, 2018

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Episode 4 - “I Want to be a Pool Man”


You’re listening to episode four of The Pool Man Podcast - “I Want to be a Pool Man!! 


This episode was recorded on June 6th, 2018.


I’ve designed this podcast to give you all the information you need to keep your pool in tip top condition all year round. The Pool Man Podcast is written and produced by me, and is intended as a guide only. I always recommend that you employ the services of a professional pool technician, should you encounter any problems you are unable to solve yourself.


Welcome to the fourth episode of The Pool Man Podcast Today’s episode is a special one because I’ll have my first live interview. I’ll be talking to Brett Blair, owner, and national franchisor for Jim’s Pool Care Australia. I have some questions for Brett regarding Jim’s Pool Care, Jim’s Group, Jim himself, and the basic franchise model. I’ll let him tell you his own story and hopefully it might be a path that some of you may be interested in as a future career.


I’d like to give a big warm welcome to my very first guest on the Podcast, live from sunny Queensland I have Brett Blair, owner of Jim’s Pool Care Australia. Brett, Thanks for giving me some of your valuable time: Response


Now, as a bit of background, I come from an IT background, and when I was made redundant I thought the world was crumbling around me... and due to the circumstances I found myself in, my age and the computer industry in Australia at the time, I was finding it extremely difficult to find employment in the IT field. So I did what most tech-minded people would do, I jumped onto Google and typed new career!!


I’d always been interested in the franchise model, and I looked at a number of options as possible businesses, and Jim’s Group was always at the top of the search results, so I did a lot of research into many of the different businesses, and I kind of settled on pool care mainly because I’d owned a pool in the past.


I looked at, and contacted some of the well known pool franchises and after some more research, Jim’s Pool Care looked to have the best deal as far as training, buying power, brand recognition and fee structure.


I had made my decision, I wanted to be a part of the Jim’s Pool Care franchise system so that’s what I did and this year marks five years in the business for me.




1. Brett, you run the business from home with your lovely wife Kelli, could you speak a little bit about your background, and how you both decided to take on the national franchise of Jim’s Pool Care Australia? And who is actually the boss... you or Kelli: Response.


2. Just how important do you think the concept of regular pool maintenance is to the average pool owner here in Australia: Response.


3. Something I found to be radically different to the perception I had about the franchise model. I thought that if I simply approached you and paid to buy the business, you’d just take the money and I’d be off and running. It really couldn’t be further from the truth. I entered the physical hands-on training for Pool Care, and Jim’s also conduct a comprehensive business management course as well, all on top of some pretty intense interviews in the lead up. That’s probably the main reason I decided to go with you over the competition. Could you talk a bit about the steps in the process of buying a franchise, and why you are so stringent on vetting potential franchisees: Response.


4. Jim Penman is still very much involved in the business at Jim’s Group today. Protecting the brand name and the customer experience are two of the key areas that he feels very strongly about, and as a franchisee that’s a very positive part of the model. It’s also worth noting that every Jim’s franchisee has direct access to him. We all have Jim’s email address and phone number and if needed he will speak to us personally. I imagine you’ve had many animated Discussions with Jim over the years, just how important do you see Jim’s role in the business today: Response.


5. Buying power. Jim’s Pool Care franchisees are rewarded with group-rate supplier discounts for all types of pool equipment and chemicals, and it’s important to note that each franchisee is not just a pool technician, we are a complete mobile pool shop!! Can you run through some of the major suppliers and the kinds of products that are available through your local Jim’s Pool Care Mobile Pool Shop: Response.


6. Thank you Brett for coming on the Podcast today, is there anything else you wanted to say? And if anybody out there is considering a change, or if you just like the idea of pool care as a career, how can they contact you for some information: Response.


I’ll put all the links to Jim’s Pool Care Australia, and how to contact Brett and Kelli Blair at head office, in the show notes for this episode.


I hope you all enjoyed this interview, it took a while to iron out all the technical issues we had, but I think it turned out OK!! It'll give us a good platform to build on for future episodes, and I'm planning on doing a lot more interviews in the future.


Because this episode was so long, I’m going to cut the listener feedback section for this week, but keep the questions flowing in!!


I do have something exciting to announce though, I need a theme song for The Pool Man Podcast, and I know that a few of my customers are musicians, so open the voice recorder app on your phone and sing me a jingle if you can. You may want to add some guitar, or even a full band if you want to!! Don’t take it too seriously, it’s meant to be a bit of fun!!


Email the file to and I’ll play some of them on the show. I’ll turn it into a competition, and the best entry will become the new theme song for the podcast!!


Get to work people, I look forward to hearing your entries!!


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